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Zile perfecte (2023)

Zile perfecte (2023) subtitrat si tradus in Romana

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01.01.2024, 23:13
The main character of this fascinating film is Hirayama, a toilet cleaner from Tokyo. The man must be happy with his normal life. He has a structured everyday life. The main character devotes all his free time to his passion for music and books, which the man loves very much. He also loves trees and often photographs them. Over time, Hirayama's past is revealed through a series of sudden encounters.
It is difficult to find a person who would not like holidays, moments when you are preparing for something really grandiose. Everyone prepares for the holiday in their own way, but nevertheless few people notice completely wrong behavior, which sometimes leads to the fact that a person finds himself in an unexpected position. In this film, we will talk about several stories of ordinary people preparing for the celebration. Each of them has funny problems that at some point turn into a real comical catastrophe. However, for them it does not seem funny at all. This is a film that will allow you to look at yourself from the outside, because we all do this sometimes.

HD Perfect Days (2023) Subtitrat in Limba Romana

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