Zavera (2019)

Zavera (2019) subtitrat si tradus in Romana

  • Gen: Dramă, Filme 2019, Filme romanesti
  • Actori: Dorian Boguta, Ioana Flora, Serban Pavlu, Medeea Marinescu
  • Regie: Andrei Gruzsniczki
  • Traducere: Subtitrat
  • Tara: Romania
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29.07.2023, 15:43
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"Zavera" (2019) is a dramatic film about a man named Stefan, who, after the death of his friend Nick, discovers an unknown part of their relationship and is forced to come to terms with his new life. The plot of the film is based on the theme of death, loss and the search for truth. The main character Stefan finds himself in a difficult life situation when he discovers that his relationship with Nick was not what he thought. Stefan begins to study Nick's past to understand what happened and why his friend died. In the course of his investigation and search for answers to his questions, Stefan plunges into the world of drugs, prostitution and various dirty schemes. He is forced to face government agents and dangerous criminals to uncover the truth and protect his life. In addition, the film "Zavera" touches on the themes of friendship and trust, which play an important role in the lives of the main characters.Stefan discovers that the only way to continue living is to open up to his family and friends, trust them and change his life.

HD Zavera (2019) Subtitrat in Limba Romana

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