One Ranger (2023)

One Ranger (2023) subtitrat si tradus in Romana

  • Gen: Thriller, Acţiune, Filme SUA, Filme 2023
  • Actori: Thomas Jane, John Malkovich, Dominic Tipper, Nick Moran, Patrick Bergin, Dean Jagger III, Mark Griffin
  • Regie: Jesse Johnson
  • Traducere: Subtitrat
  • Tara: SUA
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08.05.2023, 13:29
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The story follows a Texas Ranger whose skills and experience attract the attention of British intelligence. Recruited to carry out a secret mission, he becomes part of an international investigation aimed at hunting down a dangerous terrorist. This terrorist conceived the world's largest terrorist attack, threatening the safety of many people.

The Texas Ranger is sent on a series of dangerous missions where he will have to use his unique skills and knowledge to uncover the plans of a terrorist. During his investigation, he finds himself in a deadly game with time, encounters unpredictable obstacles and enormous pressure placed on him and his team.

Teamed up with British intelligence and other counterterrorism experts, the Texas Ranger must overcome personal barriers and collect all the pieces of the puzzle to avert an unthinkable disaster. In this tense story, not only the battle with the terrorists awaits, but also the fight against your own doubts and the demons of the past.

HD One Ranger (2023) Subtitrat in Limba Romana

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